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Brief history
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From the early years of the history of the Aegean, Syros appear as an important and significant center of the Cycladic culture. (Protokykladiki period SYROS - KEROS 3000 BC)
A big city with its strong citadel, the walls and a huge cemetery, discovered in ΝΕ part of the island (Chalandriani). A thousand years later, at the time of Homer Syros building with the King, sung by the son of the Evmaio as rich and happy island where people spent a happy and healthy life.

Syria told an island - if you heard tocheis - in Ortygia (Delos) higher at the turn of the sun, not pyknokatoikito, one part orchard, pasture, polystaro with vineyards and herds. Hunger never fell sick in the country nor poor, who reap the poor people. But as the old age of mortals fares, then the Foivos tharthei argyrodoxaros and the Artemis, and together with frequent shuttle, their glykothanatonoun ODYSSEY The st.409

Syros was home of the philosopher of antiquity Ferekydi, teacher of Pythagoras. Even saved the cave where he lived and died this great sage of antiquity. Autonomous Republic in the era of glory in Athens, Syros was a member of the Athenian Alliance to follow after the fate of all other islands of the Aegean. Macedonians, rhodium and the Romans conquered to reach a small Byzantine and poor island, a refuge for pirates and pirate invasion with too few people and misery. That was when conquered by the Franks in 1207, followed by Marco Sanoudo and founded the Duchy of the Aegean, as in 1566 the island has become enslaved to the Franks rulers, and occupied by the Turks In the 360 years of Frankish occupation the locals Συριανοί prosilytisthikan in Catholic doctrine and thus presented in Syros unique phenomenon in all the islands, is only in almost all of the then population (round in 3000 inhabitants) were Catholics ISOLA DEL PAPA used to call the Italians and had the support and protection of France.

The current global population is around 30%. Both hold office diocese, the Catholic is headed only in Syros, the Orthodox islands Tinos, Andros, Kea, Milos, Kythnos and Mykonos.
After the destruction of the island from the Turks during the revolution of 1821, refugees from Kydonies, Smyrna, Chios and Psara Ermoupolis built today (the city of Hermes, God of Commerce), the Suros familiar with greater cultural and economic boom and keeps leadership of the first city in Greece for 50 years.
It is the largest commercial port and supplying its products throughout Greece and abroad.
The boat company FRANCE LINE route running every 15 days Syros - North America. Embassies and consulates of most countries in Ermoupolis eichoun installed.

Live sites are the neoclassical buildings, squares, churches and the mausoleum. The prehistoric settlement of Chalandrianis built the first ship with a keel (3000 BC) The first commercial in Greece in 1826. The first court in 1834. The first quarantine. The first chamber of commerce. The first printing. The first shipping company in 1857. The first mechanized industry, yfantourgeia, leather, bone, etc.

The first opera. The Apollo Theater, built by the architect Saba in 1864. The first power plant in 1889. The first hospital that later became a hotel in Europe with wonderful architecture and cobbled and now the casino restaurant. The first telegraph office. The first public building, the office. The first monument of the sculptor unburied fighter Vitali in 1880. And of course the building Notable Town in Greece, work Ziller.

Today the artisans of Syros maintaining their maritime tradition and responding to modern requirements and build small wooden boats and iron repair large ships up to 80,000 tonnes, 2 large water tanks. Our agricultural products and fuel traveling to Greece. The modern plant breeders to produce all the milk products, cheese and the famous San Michalis recommend to try. Βιομηχανίες υπάρχουν 2 στο νησί και οι βιοτεχνίες ανθοκηπίων και λουκουμιών αναπτύσσονται συνεχώς. 2 Industries are on the island and the flower garden and crafts Delights developed The cultural life goes on with great efforts by bringing amateur troupe works with great success in the restored Apollo Theater. Proof of prior greatness, the magnificent churches, old palaces, the paved roads, the Cultural Center and City Hall. Today Ermoupolis, capital of Syros and the Cyclades is one of the most preserved, beautiful and civilized cities in Greece, keeping the tradition and the nobility.
We TeamWork in the first (1971) travel agency in Syros, was born and raised in Syros and provide the organization with us today all the tourist services and therefore responsibility, believing that Suros can offer in tourism without losing something of his personality of.
We tried to give you information about the history of Syros. For that is related to but your stay in the island do not hesitate to phone us for any information. We also recommend that you do not miss any of the carefully chosen our tours.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

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