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Discovering the island of Syros, 4th Route Print E-mail
Starting from Ermoupolis and before the Heroes square track the right way to live the unique medieval settlement of Ano Syros. We will need a long time to walk through the narrow alleys and stegadia to see the Catholic monasteries of Cappuccino Iisouiton of the cathedral Saint George, the famous Historical Archive and folklore museums. Continuing on after the end of Ano Syros left we see the gorge, which is built the Saint Athanasius and the source of the previously ydrefe Syros. After 1.5 km. We find the okismo of palm and 2.7 km of Mytaka.Apo left here a little way above us in the top of the tower of Syros, where the antennas of OTE.
4th-suggestion.jpgContinuing on the main road after two Mytaka detours right.. The first leads to the second Papouri in width. Continuing to 3.3 km see the area left and right Kyperousa a bypass leading to Richopo where the legs reach the cave, the philosopher Ferekydi.

Following the main road after the church Ag.Georgiou go right and down carefully where the downhill at the end to reach Chalandriani. Here, the archaeologist Chr.Tsountas revealed ancient tombs. Given our north at the top of the mountain prehistoric citadel Kastri. In chalandriani the road split left to right and lightsome Wide Vouni.

Returning to the junction and go left Ag.Georgiou comes in Black Rachi. Apo here a detour left us with the syringe and the homonymous source with excellent view to the northwest edge of the Black Back Syrou. Epistrefontas and taking the right path to reach As Michael and then the Campo. Here two paths lead us to the beach west of the spoils after an hour on foot to reach the famous beach Letters to the old inscriptions in marble.
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